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Got Questions?

Q - What should I have on the nameplate?
A - You can put want ever you like on the nameplate that suits your event eg a sporting club may have club name then the team name and then person’s name that would be enough information.
Q – I have ordered several trophies. Can I send my club engraving list separately?
A – Yes. Just send your engraving list to the above email address after checkout. Don’t forget to quote your order number.
Q - How much engraving can I have?
A - If you are buying a standard trophy, three lines of text is best but we can do four lines if you need it.
Q - Can you put logos on the nameplate?
A – Yes we can, but, only on trophies with larger nameplates. There is no charge for your your logo to be used.   You can email your logo to us and we will let you know if it is suitable for the engraving plate. Just send your logo to  engraving@discounttrophies.com.au and quote your order number.
Q - What sort of nameplates are there?
A - Every trophy comes with a high quality engraving plate with text printed in black unless specified otherwise.

Send engraving instructions to engraving@discounttrophies.com.au

Please send trophy engraving lists, logos and special instructions to the above email address.
Do not forget to include your order number.
We will email you to confirm we have received your instructions.

You should know …

  • All trophies come with an engraved nameplate.
  • Our engraving is done on high quality product using cutting edge engraving technology. We are dedicated to providing an award to remember.
  • All engraving is FREE on all of our awards and trophies.
  • We allow up to four lines of engraving but on the smaller trophies three lines look best.
  • All engraving will be centred on the award. The text size will be determined by the space available and how many lines of text are going on the award.

Engraving Lists

The best way to give us your engraving details is to email us with your list. Don't forget you can have up to four lines of engraving on any of our trophies. Please make sure the list is sent within 24 hours of checkout. If you are unsure of what to have engraved on your trophies see below for examples.
We accept text documents in the following formats:

  • Word document (.doc) or (.docx)
  • Excel spreadsheeet (.xls) or (.xlsx)
  • Others (.txt) or (.rft)

Suggested formats for trophies and medals

  • Club Name
  • Team Name – Year (not needed if trophy has a year centre in it)
  • Player's Name


  • Club Name
  • Division – Year (not needed if trophy has a year centre in it)
  • Team Name
  • Player's Name

Suggested formats for corporate awards

You can have your work logo on any of the acrylic corporate awards. There will be additional fee of $45 that will cover all the artwork and any necessary changes to the logo for engraving as it needs to be a very high quality image so your award will something that the recipient can be proud of. This is a once off charge. We can keep your logo on file for any future awards.

To take up this option, just click the drop down bar in the product page.

Description of text What it will look like
Line 1: Company name or logo
Line 2: Type of award
Line 3: Acknowledgment
Line 4: Name of recipient
Line 5: Details of the award
Line 6: Date

Helpful hints for your award

Line 2:
  • Employee of the year/month
  • Most Improved
  • Teamwork Award
  • Service Excellence
  • Sales Excellence
  • Tournament Champion
  • Golfer of the Year
Line 3:
  • Thank you
  • Presented to
  • Awarded to
  • Congratulations
  • With Thanks
  • Honouring
  • In Recognition of
  • Men's Champion
  • Ladies' Champion
Line 5:
  • Outstanding dedication to customer service
  • Outstanding efforts in sales goals
  • A commitment to personal leadership
  • Appreciation and dedication to the people in your community
  • Ten years of outstanding & loyal service

If you are using a logo for this type of award. We will email you with a proof of the award so we can get your approval.

For more information about AAA Discount Trophies please see our Frequently Asked Questions